Saturday, October 23, 2010

Viva Cuba - crumbling beauty

Havana turquoise and baroque style - Source Tommy Images
The beauty of the colourful urban decay of Havana Cuba is a style of its own.  Cuba has become an inspiration for me since someone showed me some window panels in Havana Green, almost a dark bottle green.  I have always been curious about Cuba since I saw the movie Godfather II many years ago.  The big 1950s American cars, the architectural influence of the Spanish missionaries, the languid approach to living a la Caribbean and splashes of colour which put new life back into old crumbling buildings.

A chorus line of deco, neo-classical, colonial & spanish mission buildings.

A kaleidoscope of lolly colours

Peach painted exterior complete with wrought iron and 1950s car.

Cohiba cigar!
The colours of Cuba


Cathedral in the centre of Havana

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