Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Exquisite shops - just window shopping

Mint green exterior - I'd sell pencils just to get this shop
 I'm always stopped in my tracks when I'm strolling down a street and I see a beautiful shop front of get a glimpse of the store window and its contents.  I'm forever looking at the store layout and design wondering what effect the owner wanted to make.  There is so many wonderful stores, but the small, bijoux shops are the ones I'm mostly attracted to.  Usually because they are intimate and the layouts are almost always original.
Aesop store - Australia, love the herringbone parquetry

My church.  Worked here in the late 80s.  Built from beams of an old ship in mock Tudor style

Hanging lamps and shabby cobalt colour

Photo I took in Soho.  Old Italian butcher's...lovely

Love the palm fronds in the glass jug

Paris Collectibles in beautiful old New Orleans - a den of treasures

Love the old mantle in Paris Collectibles

Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic Store

Scout Design Group - a treasure trove of lovely old vintage pieces

Scout Design Group

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