Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kim Chi Korea!

My last two weeks were spent in Seoul Korea, undertaking an assignment for work.  For those who haven't been to Korea you'll find it quite a surprise.  Sophisticated, calm and wordly.  This time of year is Cherry Blossom season, so I'll let the photo below speak for itself.

Cherry Blossoms come to life - how beautiful!

Koreans love colour - this garden is typical

How cute is this?  My host Myunghee's nephew...posing as a bug
One thing I couldn't get enough of is coffee shops!  There is one on every street corner - Caffe Bene, Five Monkeys, Starbucks however my favourite was Paris Croissant.  Beautiful ambience, food and coffee.  The popularity of the "Paris Baguette" brand reflects the high level of food manufacturing companies in South Korea. The country has the highest level of the most select levels of Korean fusion baguette, croissant, cakes, bread and confectionary.

The other thing I enjoyed were the windows in stores as my taxi zoomed past them.  One store - called Bean Pole - had the most interesting window display.  I had to get photos...!


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