Friday, March 11, 2011

Green Mid-Century Modern - my sister's moodboard!

Soothing peaceful green
I've convinced my sister that the Hollywood Regency style would suit her and the way she likes to entertain - casual, comfortable elegance.  So Susan - here you all that's left is the buying!

Also - how could I forget Florence Broadhurst prints which she covets.

Circles & squares - Florence Broadhurst

Love the chair in Schumacher's Imperial Trellis

Imperial look coffee table
Florence Broadhurst

Zebra skin rug - sublime
Fabulous skins in all hues of blue

Florence Broadhurst print
She already has this geometric green fabric
Black,white,orange & turquoise with a twist
This stairwell is magnificent - alive with pattern & colour
Cherry red and tangerine
The ultimate must have chandelier
Chinese motif chandelier
Animal print feature chair
Orange fretwork carpet

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mosaics - picture of colored pieces paints a thousand words

I love mosaics.  Maybe because I grew up in old fashioned pubs with tiled bar counters, was the high traffic answer to decor back in the Victorian era - tessalated tiles and ceramic mosaics.

Although I have a definite leaning to the clean look of black and white I also appreciate and covet the colourful porcelain and glass mosaics made famous in the Roman bathhouses and Grecian courts.

The tiny coin tiles which remind me of an Australian 50 cent piece are just so.  Very dinky, although I believe much harder to keep clean.

Don't you just LOVE grecian key?
This is like checkerboard with a floral motif
Good old no nonsense checkerboard
Moroccan mosaic
Greco Roman mosaic
Simple floral motif is really effective

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Casablanca and the mystical Moroccan influence

Imagine the blend of African, Berber, and Islamic culture. Cold colourful tiles underfoot and plush cushions in richly textured fabrics lie on cedar moucharabi furniture. Pierced metal, coloured glass and brass lamps hanging overhead. Seating, tables, and accessories are shaped in hexagonal, octagonal and arched forms and patterns.

Terrace fountain

Soothing turquoise of these tiles
John Paul and Talitha Getty in Morocco
 I was always fascinated by John Paul and Talitha Getty.  They lived the absolute hippy lifestyle of the rich in Morocco entertaining the jet set and indulging in everything that the 70s had to offer - sex, drugs and rock & roll.  Sadly, Talitha died of a heroin overdose. However I thought she never looked as stunning in this Lichfield photograph taken on the rooftop of their home in Casablanca.

Beautiful tilework around the pool!

Blue on blue....very soulful

Modern twist on the Moroccan theme

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Island style...designed to stay awhile

My number one dream is to end up somewhere with a view of the sea.  My desk is placed exactly under a window with a full 180 degree view of a seaside vista.  This room would be decorated with comfort around the window canvas.

These pictures from Coastal Living got me to thinking how I'd decorate a place by the sea.

Chippendale dining

Plantation shutters with a splash of blue

Verandah dining
This would be my room with a view - how divine.

Places I could live....

I often have 'dream' vistas that I entertain that I could live in.  One of these is the beautiful Devon seaside village of Clovelly.  It is picture postcard.  The only thing is that the houses are so, so tiny - I don't think me and all my possessions would fit!

Clovelly, Devon

The second would be a place in the beautiful hills of Southern France, in a sandstone building with a balcony.  I'd write and collect antiques and drink coffee when it takes my fancy.  Now for that rich benefactor.

Wrought iron balcony in France


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