Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gindora salutes: 1st Dibs

If I ever need reminding of just how provincial I am, I take a look at the Saturday Sale each week on 1st Dibs.  This beautiful 1910 Japanese screen being sold by Naga Antiques, New York, entitled "Gibbons on Mulberry Paper" is absolutely delightful.

Or a complete swing to haute couture - how about this fabulous Chanel Couture silk georgette 1920s inspired evening dress that's being sold by Marlene Wetherall, New York.  Oh to be able to buy these lovely items!

Chanel Couture
Or for the DUX DELUXE, shut the door, don't look at anything else, this 5.83 CT Alexandrite and Diamond Ring will absolutely do for me.  Alexandrite is the rarest of gem stones from the chrysoberyl family.

Alexandrite has the unique green-to-violet color which changes depends on the stone’s reaction to natural and incandescent light. It displays an emerald green in daylight, and a beautiful purplish-red in incandescent light.  This trait of it changing colour makes it valuable, I love the fact that the first Alexandrite was discovered in Russia in 1834 on the birthday of Czar Alexander II. The Czar claimed all subsequent finds of this natural chrysoberyl for the throne, making this truly the gemstone of royalty.

It's being sold by MS Rau Antiques, New Orleans, so if you have a lazy $198,500 - it could be yours!
Alexandrite & Diamond Ring - 1st Dibs

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