Sunday, October 24, 2010


 You know, I never thought I liked pink.  Thought it was a big ol' gay colour.  But you know, I came to the conclusion that it evokes femininity and can really pop in design like no other colour.  I've blogged before on pink, and then I realised I think I need more pink in my life. Blush, coral, rose, fuschia, hot, salmon - also shades like watermelon, cerise and of course baby and lolly pink.  No more lolly pink than this beautiful little toy poodle. 
La Pink Poodle - tres chic!

Robert Allan - "Reno Pink" fabric.  I die.

Betsey Johnson's apartment

Coral chandelier is in my sights
Canvas ticking flooring

Pink deGournay style wallpaper - divine

Wallpaper on the ceiling!

Love the brown & pink fabric on the armchairs.

Chinoiserie Mirror in gold complements the pink decor

Pink damask really adds to the style of this room.  Loving the crazy velvet upholstered sofa!


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