Sunday, September 26, 2010

Opal, Onyx & Diamond Ring
 It's Sunday afternoon, and I have the Sunday blues.  It doesn't matter how old you are there is a feeling of dread on Sunday afternoon that you haven't quite done everything and a new week is looming with new pressures and stresses.  However I've decided to do a post on things that I like RIGHT NOW that make me feel good.  I mean - we all find beauty in different things.  Like this Opal ring I saw on 1st dibs.  What a site!
Painted spoon installation
 I'd love to do a display like this one!  My difficulty would be in finding all the lovely tones of paint for a single use!

 Chinese Shadow Box
 Again with the chinoiserie!  I know, I know - but this packs a double whammy.  Green (favourite colour), Chinese (favourite influence) and shadow box (just plain whimsical)
Botanical wallpaper
This is just because I love prussian blue velvet and the lovely botanicals!

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