Sunday, November 20, 2011

Karlovy Vary - A wedding cake vista in Bohemia

Karlovy Vary - or King Charles waters is the beautiful Bohemian town situated on hot springs which is now the holiday destination for the rich and famous - of Russia.  Famous for being visited by Mozart, Bach and now MOI from Australia - does that make me a Bohemian?  I think not.  But here I am sashaying around partaking of the 'waters' to cure 'diabeets' (as it is pronounced here! lol)

Spa 11 - my lucky number!

Spa number 12

Those pesky Ruskies in my photo shot!
The Colonnade - where most of the spa fonts are

The beauty is in the detail - how beautiful is this interior of a spa rotunda?

The main geyser

Facade of one of KV's hotels
Yours truly taking the waters

An entry way is a even a study in design

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  1. Hi Karen, FANTASTIC photos and yes you are definetly a bohemian daaarling!! For one thing you never sit still or are in one place/country for long. Miss bumping into you, so I guess I should say here Merry Christmas too ha, xx Katherine



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