Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mosaics - picture of colored pieces paints a thousand words

I love mosaics.  Maybe because I grew up in old fashioned pubs with tiled bar counters, was the high traffic answer to decor back in the Victorian era - tessalated tiles and ceramic mosaics.

Although I have a definite leaning to the clean look of black and white I also appreciate and covet the colourful porcelain and glass mosaics made famous in the Roman bathhouses and Grecian courts.

The tiny coin tiles which remind me of an Australian 50 cent piece are just so.  Very dinky, although I believe much harder to keep clean.

Don't you just LOVE grecian key?
This is like checkerboard with a floral motif
Good old no nonsense checkerboard
Moroccan mosaic
Greco Roman mosaic
Simple floral motif is really effective

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