Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Start spreading the news....back from New York

And so....I've been absent from my blog since I've been in New York for work.  This freezing fabulous visit had me travelling from Manhattan to upstate New York to Connecticut.

No visit to New York is complete without a visit to ABC Carpet & Home Emporium in the Flatiron district.  This is my favourite place in the world. It's been likened to walking into a fantasy tour of a very rich and well-travelled ancestor's attic. This two-building emporium is legendary and deserves to be: It's the ultimate home-fashions-and-furnishings department store. On the west side of the street is the stunning 10-floor home emporium. The goods run the gamut from Moroccan mosaic-tile end tables to hand-painted Tuscan pottery to Tiffany-style lamps to distressed bed frames sporting meltingly soft Italian linens to much, much more, all finely displayed. An entire floor of on-the-bolt upholstery fabrics is to die for.

ABC is like a fantastical Turkish bazaar, abound with goods from all over the world

Luxurious lighting and chandeliers are everywhere at ABC

ABC Carpet & Home - the fabulous entrance

Furniture at ABC

Linens at ABC

This trip, I got to appreciate the superb design influence the Art Deco period had on Manhattan.  As I wandered the streets around midtown I knew that this must have been the epicentre of design in the 1930s.

Even footpath surrounds have the deco style

Ambassador Hotel - luxe!

My favourite all time building in New York - the Woolworth Building

Woolworth building foyer - it is a religious experience.  It feels like a church chapel

The fabulous exterior of the Woolworth building in downtown


  1. OMG OMG OMG...just DEVINE!! I can't believe Pete did not want to go...is he insane? I am so glad you had fun...did you have to get a container to ship back all your purchases? ha I love your pics, particularly the surround on the tree as I have never seen this before...just incredible...xx Katherine

  2. I love New York and your post has transported me there. Lovely pics, Amber



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