Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Show stopping popping armchairs

Red & green a perfect pairing
I'm a chick with a truly 1970s childhood, I was totally immersed in bold patterns and colours with my parents' decoration of their business and home. Lime green was big, red was another feature colour. It was nothing to put mandarin orange with lime green and chocolate with turquoise and hot pink with canary yellow. 

What I like about bold fabrics for armchairs - is that the chair assumes a 'personality' of its own.  I can't wait to get my feature chairs covered now!

Michelle Nussbauer - beautiful green pagoda chair

The Eponymous Squint Design - a cavalcade of colours

The Waterloo Armchair

Orange Imperial Trellis cushions, turquoise mirror & beige couch. 

Turquoise pagoda covered love seat

Light chartreuse green walls with candy red stripes and jacquard prints

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